One family | One group | One tradition

Traditional Greek Cuisine since 1957

“Vasilis Restaurant”, at the port of Longos in Paxos, invites you to a gastronomic experience, offering Greek traditional dishes, made from the finest and freshest ingredients that our region has to offer. Respect for tradition, a place that awakens memories of the past and creates memories for the future!
On a daily basis, at “Vasilis” tavern, we all work in a feverish manner with great care, paying attention to the smallest detail so that everything is ready on time. Our kitchen is equipped with the latest and most modern and high quality equipment for better and faster cooking of dishes and because the main goal of the owner is to respect customers and their ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment, specially groomed fresh vegetables, fish and meat of exceptional quality are selected.

«The bond between our clients and our restaurant is fantastic and there are many memories. We have customers that have been coming to our restaurant for 40 years, it’s our live advertising.


They feel like family.
I want the customer to feel that we are embracing them, not bothering them. When they say thank you, it means I’ve done my job well.»

Constantine Andreadakis, Owner.


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