Who we are

With a presence in Paxos since 1957, restaurant “Vasilis” is a family business. Founder Vasilis Andreadakis, shared his love for traditional Greek cuisine with his son and current owner of the Konstantinos restaurant. The business started in the middle of the last century, offering snacks to olive and soap factory workers and evolved into an organised restaurant with fish, lobsters and cooked meals in the 70s and took its current form in 1994, when Konstantinos Andreadakis took office. The restaurant’s identity remains unchanged over time: respect for tradition, quality ingredients, and a broad smile when serving customers.

Konstantinos Andreadakis was born in this environment, grew up in the aromas and the ingredients of the kitchen and learnt to cook with love and passion. “The bond between our clients and our restaurant is fantastic and there are many memories. We have customers that have been coming to our restaurant for 40 years, it’s our live advertising. They feel like family. I want the customer to feel that we are embracing them, not bothering them. When they say thank you, it means I’ve done my job well.. Our great reward is to please the world that honours us with its choice.”

Our restaurant opens each year with a new menu on Palm Sunday and closes its kitchen in October. Serpent fillet, bourgeois and bianco fish are fixed benchmarks on our menu. All the food is made from fresh ingredients produced in Paxos and the rest of Greece. Key priorities are fresh fish and high nutritional value ingredients. The wine list includes Greek labels from all varieties, as well as good wines from abroad. The cosy space inside the restaurant and the beautiful outdoor tables contribute to the atmosphere of the small harbor in Loggos and become one with its natural beauty.



Printed on our table mats, on our marble surfaced tables, are articles from the old newspaper “Echo of Paxos” and two traditional recipes in English. A key from the old warehouse of the shop is the restaurant’s good luck charm, which unlocks gastronomically the appetite of the visitors.

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