Main course

  • Kritharotto with prawns, cherry tomatoes, spearmint, and chili) 
  • Black tagliolini (with scion squid,lemon zest and basil pesto 
  • Giouvetsi with octopus and fresh herbs 
  • Cuttlefish risotto (cooked on its own ink) 
  • Seafood linguini (with cherry tomatoes basil and chili) 
  • Fresh salmon’s risotto (with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and chios mastic) 
  • Today’s fish 
  • Chiken fillet pane with Aigina nuts on sauce of pomegranate (served with aromatic basmati rice) 
  • Fillet of pork with almond milk sauce (served with samphire and potato puree) 
  • Beef fillet with a variety of greek mushrooms 
  • Black angus flank steak with olives and thyme sauce 
  • Slow cooked lamb with yoghurt coriander and aromatic bulgar wheat 
  • Please in case of any allergy inform us
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