• Local traditional bread served with pate
  • Corals of sea urchin on a bruschetta with white tarama cream, lime zest, and lemon flesh
  • Crab in a salad of cracked wheat, avocado, cherry tomatoes and spearmint
  • Steamed mussels in white wine, cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs sauce
  • Scion squid sautéed (with salad of mango, green beans and cherry tomatoes)
  • Ceviche (marinated fillet of white fish in a sauce of fresh tomato juice and virgin olive oil
  • Octopus salad (with green beans and smoked aubergine puree)
  • Beluga lentils (with salmon, samphire 12,90 orange flesh and spring onion
  • Fried potatoes
  • Deep fried graviera in a cereal crust, served with orange sauce
  • White tarama cream ( preserved fish roe cream)
  • Santorini split pea puree served with fried rock samphire and caramelized onion
  • Marinated anchovies served on bruschetta with rocket leaves, tomato and basil pesto
  • Courgettes croquettes
  • Crunchy aubergine rolls stuffed with feta cheese and spearmint
  • Grilled fillet of sardine and tomato in pasrley oil 
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